Linux Systems Administrator with Coding skills

  • Job Reference: 00000003-1
  • Date Posted: 16 February 2019
  • Recruiter: Doormani Enterprises
  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Salary: On Application
  • Bonus/Benefits: I will always give bonuses!
  • Sector: Network Engineering, Software Engineering, System Administration, Technology Journalism
  • Job Type: Contract, Temporary, Home Based

Job Description

Looking for a long term relationship with an independent contractor for on-going projects!!

  • Long term on-going relationship
  • Various Linux based projects
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Independent contractor
Essential skills:
  • Strong understanding of Linux, MS Windows and OSX
  • Excellent coding skills preferably Python
  • Excellent network engineering skills
Job description:

I constantly have projects that I am working on that I need help with. This would be an on-going thing, but you wouldn't be an employee, you would be a contractor (as you would be paid by the job). Which means, you do work on your own time, whenever you want. You can choose to pick up some projects and leave others behind. It's all up to you. And I pay well.

Most of my projects are Linux based, but you must have a strong understanding of Windows and OSX as well. Also, you must have pretty good networking and coding skills. Without those this would be a waste of both our time.

Most projects involve creating code that automates scripts and programs that are already around so that user interaction is not needed. Basically a giant case of IFTTT if you will. Even though I'm not using the IFTTT protocol at all, just using it as an example.

Most of the coding I write and work with is python based. So I'm definitely biased there, I am a Python junkie and really like it a lot. That doesn't mean that I would be opposed to using another language to get the job done if you really felt you could, just in another language. At the end of the day, I'm looking to get a working project, so whatever gets me there fastest and most reliably is what I'll go with.

To give you an example of my projects, I have several projects that I'm about to start up now that will be using Raspberry Pi's using a custom kali linux distro for each one. One project is centered around the Pi Zero W (the smallest Pi) and the other project is centered around the Pi 3+ B (the newest most powerful Pi). Both have to do with automating scripts that do different things based on their environment when they boot up.

But my projects range all around. They aren't all about Raspberry Pi's or anything in particular. I always have a bunch of projects that I'm constantly working on for my own research and to always be testing the boundaries of what is possible.

And again, you can always choose to be involved in one project, but not in another one. The choice is yours. That's why I'd like to meet a few very trust worthy, talented, hard-working individuals that I can rely on with these projects of mine.